ST X Performance Coilover

ST X Performance Coilover System - Fixed Damping


Height adjustable with average lowering of; Golf models (1.4"-2.6"F, 1.4"-2.6"R) and GTI models (.4"-1.6"F, .6"-1.6"R).
Lowers vehicle an avg of .4"-1.6"F .6"-1.6"R

Need to get low? ST coilovers feature a continuous thread construction for height adjustment from moderate to eXtreme!

Designed in conjunction with KW Germany, ST X coilovers deliver a sporty handling by reducing the car’s bodyroll during compression as well as improving agility when driving fast. The high-quality production of each ST X coilover includes a low-friction and pressure resistant housing alongside a chrome-plated piston rod for maximum longevity. A mono block guide and ST seal package ensures the twin-tube dampers remain free of dirt particles in all weather conditions.Lowering within TüV-tested adjustment range of; Golf models (1.4"-2.6"F, 1.4"-2.6"R) and GTI models (.4"-1.6"F, .6"-1.6"R).

  • Galvanized coilover struts with additional coating for optimized corrosion protection
  • Complete solution with adjustable spring plate, race spring system and bumpers with dust protection
  • Powerful twin-tube dampers with high-quality components for maximum longevity

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