Mann Charcoal Cabin Filter Audi A4 -2개 묶음

The activated charcoal filters odor from reaching the cabin
아우디 A4, A4, Q5용 활성 카빈(에어필터) 2개 묶음

An often overlooked item, this filter is part of your vehicle's scheduled maintenance and should be performed during the specified intervals or when soiled. Made to reduce the amount of dust, dirt, and allergens making it's way into the cabin, this new filter will keep clean air circulating in the passenger compartment. This particular filter features a charcoal activated lining that helps filter out odors and allergens more effectively. Clean up the air coming into your cabin by replacing the interior air filter in your vehicle.


  • Mfg Part#8K0819439A
  • ECS Part#ES#257441



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AudiB8 A4AllAll
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AudiB8 RS5AllAll
AudiB8 S4AllAll
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