Forge WINtake Air Intake System 2.0T FSI (Golf R)

The kit comprises full replacement intake piping made from fully mandrel bent aluminium which is powder coated black. We use only 70mm diameter tubing which will not cause any issues with the MAF sensor readings. The filter is a non-oiled cotton gauze high flow cone filter housed in a genuine carbon fiber enclosed canister that connects directly to the OEM intake pickup at the front of the vehicle with an application specific inlet scoop. Everything is connected via high quality silicone couplers. The system creates a true ram air effect, and the WINtake will only see airflow from outside the vehicle; absolutely no hot air from within the engine bay will be drawn in by the system.

Power gains may vary depending on your modifications and level of tune, and if you desire even more performance, you may wish to consider the TWINtake twin-canister system for even more airflow potential.


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  • FMIND13



Volkswagen EOS All 2.0T
Volkswagen Golf R All 2.0T
Volkswagen Golf V All 2.0T
Volkswagen Jetta V All 2.0T